Chia-Wei CHU - RA (Former Member)

Chu, Chia-Wei Bio: Chu, Chia-Wei now is a research assistant in Optical Systems Lab. He graduated from Nation Kaohsiung Normal University (Taiwan) in June 2007. He received his M.S. in Physics from National Cheng Kung University in June 2009. Prior to be a research assistant, he has served as a Senior Engineer at AU Optronics (2010 - 2012). Chia-Wei has been working in Optical Systems Lab since 2012. Research: Chia-Wei’s first interesting is to fabricate an optical device by anisotropic crystals which can be applied to control or change the characteristics of input light, such as phase and propagation direction. In addition, volume holography combined with medical imaging is also his interest. Based on the unique features of volume hologram, he expects to enhance the capabilities of the current medical imaging techniques.